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Millky Skirt

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Captivating and elegant, this skirt is crafted from a soft textile material made from milk fibers, which is light and airy, creating fluidity in movement. The beauty of the skirt is further enhanced by the traditional technique of arashi shibori, executed with skill and care.

Natural shades of marigold and myrobalan add a touch of earthy elegance, creating a harmonious blend of colors and textures. Not only will this skirt elevate your wardrobe, but it will also captivate every gaze with its unique beauty and sophistication.


Product Features:

Waste milk unsuitable for human consumption finds a new purpose in the production of innovative fibers known as milk fiber or casein fiber.

Milk fiber represents a remarkable innovation in the realm of high-tech textiles, meeting stringent sustainability standards as a biodegradable material. One of its standout features is its inherent advantages, making it a preferred choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Firstly, milk protein offers both hygiene and flexibility, ensuring comfort and practicality in clothing.

Milk fiber exhibits excellent moisture absorption properties, coupled with permeability and heat resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for clothing across various climates, ensuring breathability and comfort in both warm and cool conditions.

Furthermore, milk fiber requires minimal special care due to its inherent properties, offering convenience and ease of maintenance to the wearer. This aspect adds to its appeal, making it a practical and sustainable choice for modern consumers.


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Milk Fabric

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