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Magbago founder's note

We are glad that you are here and that you want to know a little more about our story. 

Here they are below. In Tamara’s words.

I am Tamara, the founder of the Magbago brand – born out of personal need, passion and purpose, and I want to tell you how and why.

I was born with a genetic “mistake” that doctors identified as atopic dermatitis. These skin conditions are often caused by sensitivities to certain materials resulting in the need to choose the clothes I wear carefully. Over the years, searching for a solution to relieve my ailments, I realized that certain materials can further aggravate my already sensitive skin. At that moment, the idea for Magbago was born.

The Magbago story began as my personal journey to finding solutions to my own health challenges. Inspired by the desire to improve my own life, as well as the lives of others who share similar experiences (not to mention problems), a passion was born to create clothes that are not only fashionable, but provide a sense of relief and comfort to those with sensitive skin. And to those who don’t have it – don’t be confused. 🙂

Magbago, which means “change,” became my way of transforming not only my life, but the lives of others. The desire to change for the better was one step closer to transformation, and that is exactly what the name Magbago symbolizes.

Each creation from the Magbago workshop has a deep-rooted meaning. We are not just a clothing brand; we are a movement dedicated to sustainability, healthy living and love for your own skin. Magbago isn’t just clothes that love your skin; it is an expression of love for oneself and for nature.

I invite you to join us on this journey where fashion becomes more than clothing – it becomes a vehicle for change. Magbago is not just my story; it is the story of a community that shares the same passion and purpose. Thank you for already being or yet to be a part of the Magbago world, where every piece of clothing has its own story and every step towards sustainability has great meaning.

With love,


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